There is a beautifully subtle shading of browns and greens to this crios that evokes the energy of the earth. In Celtic tradition, earth was held as a sacred element that could nourish, heal and bless.

This pattern is symmetrical, symbolizing the balance of the masculine and the feminine. In the center the double helix motif suggests the essence of creation running through life.

This cord is made from Aran Yarn from Ireland’s two remaining woollen mills in Kerry and Donegal. It measures 78" long and 2" wide, perfect for tying around the wedding couples hands twice, with room for the knot on top.

When weaving , I bring to it my highest quality of energy and attention. Weaving lends itself to this meditative state of mind. When making a Crios for a couple’s handfasting ritual, I weave my good wishes and intent into the piece for the couple on their wedding day and in their lives together.

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