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Handfast Cord Celtic Union-8
Handfast Cord Celtic Union-7
Handfast Cord Celtic Union-6
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Handfast Cord Celtic Union-3
Celtic Union
Handfast Cord Celtic Union-2

celtic union

This cord is in the vibrant colours so characteristic of the crios. They are quite bold and striking in the manner of the traditional designs of the Aran Islands . Hints of lavender and green compliment the rich golden and red center lines.

This pattern is symmetrical, symbolizing the balance of the masculine and the feminine. In the center a double helix suggests the essence of creation running through life.

The cord is 6 1/2 foot long and 1.5 inches wide. (2m x 4cm approx.)

It is made from Aran Yarn from Donegal and Kerry in Ireland.

An Irish tradition made with Irish wool by Irish hands

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traditional handfasting cord




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