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Handfasting Cord - "Irish Wedding"
Handfasting Cord - "Irish Wedding"-
Handfasting Cord - "Irish Wedding"3
Handfasting Cord - "Irish Wedding"4
Handfasting Cord - "Irish Wedding"5
Handfasting Cord - "Irish Wedding"6



The green, white and gold of the Irish flag is woven together in a traditional pattern. This cord is symbolic of Irish ancestry and heritage. The Crios is an Irish woven woolen cord in bright colours which is traditionally used in Celtic handfasting ceremonies.

Green has been associated with Ireland for many years It symbolizes the verdant meadows and lush growth in the 'land of milk and honey.'

The yellow, or saffron, of the flag dates back to the pre-Christian days of Eire. Yellow was the most common colour of the traditional Leine, the shirt of the Irish peasantry. It symbolized the sun energy, the warmth and light at the heart of all life on earth.

This pattern is symmetrical, symbolizing the balance of the masculine and the feminine. In the center a double helix suggests the essence of creation running through life.

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