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Handfasting Cord - "Island Colours"
Handfasting Cord - "Island Colours"-
Handfasting Cord - "Island Colours"3
Handfasting Cord - "Island Colours"4
Handfasting Cord - "Island Colours"5
Handfasting Cord - "Island Colours"6



This crios is bright and fun, reminiscent of the high key colours beloved by Aran Island weavers and knitters. The islanders were big on high-key colours as, in the days before dye was widely available,  it was a badge of honour to be able to make vibrant reds, yellows and greens and dye recipes and techniques were closely guarded family secrets :)

This pattern is symmetrical, symbolizing the balance of the masculine and the feminine. In the center a double helix suggests the essence of creation running through life.

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traditional handfasting cord




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