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Handfasting Cord "Irsh Wedding"


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Welcome to Embracing Union, dedicated to the Crios, Ireland's colourful Aran Island sash which is traditionally used as a Handfasting Cord in Celtic wedding custom.

We are an Irish couple based in Portugal who specialize in quality handmade handfasting cords. We offer a custom service where we work with you to create a handfasting cord based on your colours. You may use your wedding colours, or perhaps choose colours that symbolize something special to you both. Together we can create a handfasting cord which reflects your unique wedding ceremony style, adding a beautiful depth of meaning and colour to help make your day as you dreamed it.


Alternatively, we have a select range of designed wedding cords which can add a touch of magic to your day. We also have a shop focusing on contemporary cotton designs.


A UPS Express Upgrade is now available. Worldwide delivery within a few days of ordering. 

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irish wedding
Handfasting cord in Irish wedding
Peachy Evergreen Crios Handfasting

An Irish tradition made with Irish wool by Irish hands

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