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Welcome to Embracing Union, dedicated to the Crios, Ireland's colourful Aran Island sash which is traditionally used as a Handfasting Cord in Celtic wedding custom.

We are an Irish couple based in Portugal who specialize in quality handmade handfasting cords. We offer a custom service where we work with you to create a handfasting cord based on your colours. You may use your wedding colours, or perhaps choose colours that symbolize something special to you both. Together we can create a handfasting cord which reflects your unique wedding ceremony style, adding a beautiful depth of meaning and colour to help make your day as you dreamed it.


Alternatively, we have a select range of designed wedding cords which can add a touch of magic to your day. We also make the crios in contemporary cotton designs.


A UPS Express Upgrade is now available. Worldwide delivery within a few days of ordering. 

An Irish tradition made with Irish wool by Irish hands

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             cord range

Traditional woven cords in wool are €90 with regular shipping. (UPS Express Upgrade available for €40) We ship within 1-3 business days of payment. Click on an image to see more photographs and an option to buy.

irish wedding
inis meain
floral delight
irish heritage
sage green and light terrecotta
celtic water
deep love
aqua coral
celtic union
marine dream
celtic earth blessing
crimson heart
double rainbow
sapphire and gold
Irish american
island colours
celtic fire blessing
celtic air blessing
four elements
light gold delight
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dusty rose and sage
sacred waters
evergreen heart
burgundy and navy
subtle aqua
subtle sedum handfasting
early celtic cord
glowing rose
champagne and evergreen
sweet dreams
silver rose
golden touch
subtle violet
aran islands
subtle coral
blarney stone
lilac sky
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              handfasting cord

A crios made especially for the occasion is the traditional handfasting cord of Celtic wedding custom. We have been making custom handfasting cords for some years now and I love the reaction of the couple when something meaningful is expressed in their handfasting cord.

It is a creation made by them that will form a central part of their marriage ceremony, and can be very special.

I have a wide range of colours and can send you pictures of the different shades, and work closely with you on what design you would like, the length, the main colour etc.

Colours are chosen because they symbolize something significant, they match the wedding colours, or they somehow represent the weaving together of the couples lives. For tips on colour selection and how many colours to choose, see this blog post.

To inquire about a custom handfasting cord please send an email with your your name, wedding date, your location and
any idea of what colours you would like to or fill out the form below.

The fee for a custom piece is €110 excluding shipping. Please get in touch at least 4 weeks before your wedding! UPS Expresss shipping is available.

Handfasting Cord designed around the theme of flowers

Treasured in the present - cherished in the future

niamh dempsey - Irish weaver

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